Tuesday, November 23, 2004

There are no easy Answers

Bush won. Ron Artest nearly killed some guy in Detroit. The war in Iraq. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry if none of these crisises concern me. I have my own problems to worry about. Someone wrote and suggested breaking the sword to release Dawn. A promising idea, flawed... given the fact that I cannot break the sword.

Kristin and I have been on the run from what seems to be an army of John Maguires. Yes, an army. I am beginning to believe there is some X-Files level conspiracy... that the government has been breeding genetically engineered vampire hunters. Kristin and I are currently in Paris France... searching for John Maguire... the real John Maguire. It is my belief he is dead... but I am hoping to find his tomb, and perhaps unearth the mystery behind this sword.

If there is no tomb in Paris, then the only step is to then break into government files and find out the location of John Maguire... because the American government obviously knows something about John Maguire. But America does not feel safe for Kristin or I... and getting back into the country will not be as easy as simply crossing the border from Mexico. We are being followed... even here in Paris.

I miss Michael. I have been calling him for months, but he does not answer. I am worried for him, and us. I don't know if he doesn't answer because something is wrong... or if he doesn't answer, because his caller ID tells him it's me, and he doesn't answer. Some nights, depending on how much I've had to drink, I don't know which scenario I want. Some nights I want him to be safe, but then that would mean he's just avoiding talking to me. Other nights I want him to be in danger, because that would mean he's not trying to avoid me. Drunken logic makes sense... when I'm drunk.

I feel lost, confused... hopelessly without answers... and I'm in Paris.

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