Friday, August 27, 2004

I hate my life

It has been one week since Dawn's phone call. I have yet to find her.

It is eerie to see her face in the sword, among so many other countless vampires. It is my belief that Dawn's soul is somehow trapped inside the sword. But I do not understand the sword.

"Maybe Dawn has a cell phone with her inside the sword," Kristin said.

I did not laugh. I wish Kristin would take this crisis more seriously. Tonight, Friday night... I will once again go feed, hunting for John Maguire's secret lair... hunting for my friend Dawn... hunting for answers to free her spirit from the sword. No one has heard from Michael yet. It has been one week, and things have changed very little in my life... or not at all. Despite all my hard work, things do not change.

My life is a joke. I have incredible strength and speed, but no matter how hard I try... I still fail, still remain trapped in this mockery of life. I hate my life.

I'm sure you'll figure out a way. Maybe if you break the sword it would release the vampires.
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