Monday, August 16, 2004

I can't sleep

I've had trouble sleeping this weekend. I can hear Dawn calling to me from the sword. I keep the sword with me wherever I go, and I sleep with it by my bed. I have friends in New York. They will be here in another day or two, and hopefully they will be able to figure out how to get Dawn out of the sword.

But there is a problem. John Maguire, whatever he is, has captured several vampires inside this sword. Getting Dawn out without setting the other vampires free will be a monumental task. Just getting Dawn out might be impossible. But the catch is, if something goes wrong, and all the vampires are set free... there will be an instant food supply problem for vampires. Thousands of vampires will be instantly reintroduced into the world.

How are they still alive? What has been feeding them inside the sword? Are there other John Maguires? These questions make my brain hurt.

Michael is still missing. I want to drive to Indianapolis and look for him, but I can't. I have the John Maguire problem keeping me in Chicago, and my friends from New York are meeting me in Chicago to help Dawn.

I hate my life. Why is nothing ever easy.

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