Thursday, August 05, 2004

At least the Cubs are winning

I went searching for John Maguire Tuesday night, late into wednesday morning. I searched hotels, called in favors from friends in the police department... and I couldn't find him. My thinking is that he's not in a hotel. He could be in a warehouse, or maybe he's found an abandoned home to live in. The most puzzling part is I don't understand why he's still hiding. He knows where Kristin and I are... why doesn't he just come get us? I am also concerned about Dawn's safety.

Kristin was able to walk this morning, but the journey was short... only from the bedroom to the living room couch. She watched a little television, watched the Cubs win again, and then returned to the bedroom. She needs to feed, but she is too weak to go out hunting with me. I'll need to bring someone home for her to drink from tonight.

Where is John Maguire? At least the Cubs are winning. How messed up is my life when my life sucks, but the Cubs are winning?

HMMMMMM........ Nice story..... Not that I believe it.. but an interesting story..... Posers are always quite interesting......
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