Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Vampire Twist

Kristin and I arrived back in Chicago early this morning. We will go hunting for John Maguire and Dawn at sunset. I do not believe John Maguire will be hard to find. He wants to be found.

That will be his mistake. No one threatens my friends and lives. I spent most of the night thinking of a way to kill John Maguire, while Kristin was playing internet poker at ultimate bet. She lost a lot of money, unable to concentrate because one friend is being held hostage, another is dying. I have not fed in the last 48 hours, I am feeling weak, and tired. But there are other concerns.

I found drops of vampire blood inside Kristin’s apartment, obviously from a struggle with John Maguire. Some of it is Dawn’s blood. But not all of it. Some of it is from at least one other vampire, maybe more.

John Maguire, the vampire hunter, has vampires working for him. When I find him, and these vampires, I will kill them all. Tonight.

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