Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Vampire Hunter

Friday night in Chicago.

Normally those are the only words needed to describe a great time. But Kristin and Dawn were not happy when I arrived. Thankfully they understood why I was delayed. They both know Michael too.

Kristin is tall with beautiful long red hair. She is the most fashion conscious of the three of us, and she always seems to be wearing something fabulously outrageous every time I see her. For a vampire, she does not believe in going unnoticed. She even designs most of her own clothes. Her major downside is her temper… she has a vindictive side. It is no secret that she has had a crush on Michael for a long time. The fact that he had his heart broken might be enough for Kristin to track down his ex and do a little vengeance.

Dawn is an inch shorter than me, making her 5-1. She has short blond hair. I have always found Dawn curious, because she fits into the molds of ditz and leader at the same time. Before she became a vampire, she did brief stints as a reporter in Miami and the Chicago Tribune. Before that, she was a writer and editor at her college paper. Her personality is so magnetic that I was drawn to her almost immediately.

I created Kristin in1840 (she was 20 at the time). She was my first vampire sired. I created Dawn in 1985 (she was 26 at the time), she was my ninth vampire. These two girls are my best friends.

Normally we would have partied all night long, but there is a new problem in Chicago. His name is John Maguire. He is a vampire hunter. A real one. I do not know all the details about this man, but he is a threat to anyone not of “the light.” He is rumored to be over 150-years-old… blessed by monks… he drinks Holy Water like it’s Gatorade… so if a vampire bites him, the vampire dies.

Dawn, Kristin and I have never faced a “real” vampire hunter before. I am still waiting on the details about why he is after Kristin. But Kristin hasn’t even told Dawn why…

Vampire hunters of this caliber do not waste time with younger vampires like us… unless Kristin did something really stupid. I’m still waiting to hear what happened… and now that it is daylight in Chicago, I will sleep on the couch… and/or veg infront of the television until Kristin feels comfortable talking to us about what is going on. With nothing else to do, I flip through yesterday’s USA Today, which has an interesting story about work place violence. I myself have never had a job, so I don’t know how stressful it is… being a vampire is enough work all by itself… especially when one of your friends is being hunted by a professional.

I wish Michael was here with me…

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