Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sometimes you have to take control

So I’m back in Indianapolis. I left Chicago to find my bitch friend Kristin, who I knew was planning to steal Michael from me… even though Michael and I were never officially dating. I confronted her, in of all places, Michael’s apartment.

I opened the door, stormed in.


Kristin sat on the couch, next to Michael, crying. I rolled my eyes. Michael was too smart to fall for the scared girl routine. She was using her sad sob story life to win his affection. I’ve never used that trick before, but other girls have. It is a useful one, but normally guys use it on girls. For all I knew, she could have led John Maguire back to Michael… got Michael killed… and then I would never forgive her.

“I’m sorry I left the way I did,” Kristin said. “Michael called looking for you… but I answered the phone. I’m sorry. I freaked. Everything in my world just feels like it’s falling apart.”

“Tell me another one,” I snapped.

“Michael’s dying,” Kristin said. “That’s why he called. I sensed something was wrong, and I forced him to tell me over the phone… even though he wanted to talk to you.”

“What?” I gasped.

Michael nodded his head, and he said, “I knew before you left.”

“Is that why your girlfriend broke up with you?” I asked.

“No,” Michael said. “But her timing couldn’t have been worse.”

I wasn’t ready for this. I closed the door behind me, and quietly sat on the couch next to Michael and Kristin. I didn’t know what to say. Michael is my best friend. He can’t die. He just can’t!

“I wanted to tell you… but I knew you had to help Kristin,” Michael said. “I was waiting for the right time.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“He needs a kidney,” Kristin said.

“No problem,” I said. “What blood type?”

“I don’t want that kind of help,” Michael said. “I’ll stay on the list… like everyone else.”

“But you’re not like everyone else,” I said. “You’re actually a good person. Kristin and I will take care of this tonight.”

“What are you going to do? Kill someone and give me their kidney?” Michael shook his head. “Even if you found a proper donor, you’re not doctors.”

“We can be very convincing,” Kristin said. “But this is not a low profile job.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I said. “I will not let Michael die.”

“You don’t have time to help me,” Michael said. “What about John Maguire?”

“Michael… I always have time for you,” I said.

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