Saturday, July 31, 2004

Nomar Garciaparra

Last night I fed for the first time in several days. It was a teenage girl, probably seventeen or eighteen. She was at a party, drunk, and I led her into the bathroom. I told her I had a drug she could try, and she was drunk enough to believe me. I brushed the curly brown hair back from her neck, and sank my teeth in. She tried to scream, but I held my hand over her mouth until she lost consciousness. She had been drinking, which made the blood that much more enjoyable. Normally I don’t kill, but I hadn’t fed in several days, and she was small. She died in my arms, and I left her in the bathtub. I grabbed a Miller Lite to wash down the blood, and discreetly exited the party before anyone found the body.

I hurried back to Kristin’s apartment. I don’t feel comfortable leaving Kristin alone with John Maguire on the prowl in Chicago, especially in her weakened state. I arrived home early this morning, Kristin was still in bed. She hasn’t moved since the John Maguire attack. I am not a doctor, and even if I was, I still wouldn’t know how to treat a vampire for a wound caused by an enchanted sword. The cut on my own arm from John’s sword still hasn’t healed. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking John Maguire will appear any second… but he hasn’t. Why? Did I hurt him in the fight?

If anyone has seen John Maguire, or knows any handy dandy tricks on how to treat an ailing vampire, feel free to offer suggestions. I am at a loss, and fear John Maguire’s quest for revenge will be successful.

Sometimes, just to get through the days, I devour any little bit of good news. Today, a four team trade was announced… bringing Nomar Garciaparra to my Chicago Cubs. Just when I was about to give up on the Cubs season, they do this! Now I guess I’ll need to pay attention for a few more weeks. Go Cubbies!

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