Friday, July 16, 2004

Martha Stewart and I

I am finally getting ready to leave Michael’s apartment. The sun sets later during the summer, so I have been stuck watching the news of Martha Stewart’s sentencing. A tad lenient, five months. Celebrities always get off easy. I wonder if I was a celebrity, if all the murders I’ve committed would only be considered misdemeanors. Not that it matters. Vampires have other benefits. If I was imprisoned, five months would go by in the blink of an eye… considering I’m already over 200-years-old. That only sounds old. For a vampire, getting old is if I reach 1000-years-old.

There are 1000-year-old vampires who are so powerful they can walk in the sunlight. But walking in the sunlight is not my goal today. I only want to be with Michael for a little while longer. Indiana is such a strange state, because they don’t change their clocks for daylight savings… which always throws me off considering the amount of travel I do. But I am more awake now, more aware of what is going on around me. It should be dark soon… and this time, I am certain of it. My hangover is in full swing, and I have a long drive ahead of me, and I am already a day behind schedule, and my friend is depressed.

This is not a promising beginning for this weekend.

Nice to meet a fellow vampire...where are you from.
I guess you know by my name where I'm from. I just use it for online purposes of course...stop by my site sometime.
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