Friday, July 16, 2004

Broken Heart

I never made it to Chicago. I didn’t make it to the gas station either. Michael, a good friend, had a problem with his girlfriend. She left him. He’s a mortal, but a sweet guy. Apparently his girlfriend is pregnant. But Michael hasn’t slept with her yet.

So I stayed in Indy, and let Michael cry… and I drank with him. Because of my enhanced immune system, alcohol has little effect on me unless I drink a lot. Michael is one of my best friends, and I hate seeing him hurting. So I drank a lot.

And we kissed. He is an excellent kisser. I don’t remember much more from last night, but I know there was no sex. Sex would be a weird ingredient to our relationship. I want Michael to be my friend. And he wants to be my friend. But we were drunk, and sad… so we kissed.

Or, actually I kissed him.

We made sure the drapes to his apartment were tightly closed to hide from the morning sun, and we fell asleep in his bed. I woke up only a few minutes ago, and must now wait for sundown to get back in my Porsche and drive to Chicago. But I really don’t want to leave… and in all honesty, I’m not upset Michael is single again.

Maybe we can be more than friends… But I don’t have time to explore this. I am already a day late, and I don’t know how pissed Kristin and Dawn will be with me. They have big plans for something, and I haven’t received any voice messages from them. But I haven’t tried to call them either. Instead, I want to spend a few more peaceful minutes with Michael… even if he is depressed because of his idiot ex-girlfriend... and his hangover...

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