Tuesday, November 23, 2004

There are no easy Answers

Bush won. Ron Artest nearly killed some guy in Detroit. The war in Iraq. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry if none of these crisises concern me. I have my own problems to worry about. Someone wrote and suggested breaking the sword to release Dawn. A promising idea, flawed... given the fact that I cannot break the sword.

Kristin and I have been on the run from what seems to be an army of John Maguires. Yes, an army. I am beginning to believe there is some X-Files level conspiracy... that the government has been breeding genetically engineered vampire hunters. Kristin and I are currently in Paris France... searching for John Maguire... the real John Maguire. It is my belief he is dead... but I am hoping to find his tomb, and perhaps unearth the mystery behind this sword.

If there is no tomb in Paris, then the only step is to then break into government files and find out the location of John Maguire... because the American government obviously knows something about John Maguire. But America does not feel safe for Kristin or I... and getting back into the country will not be as easy as simply crossing the border from Mexico. We are being followed... even here in Paris.

I miss Michael. I have been calling him for months, but he does not answer. I am worried for him, and us. I don't know if he doesn't answer because something is wrong... or if he doesn't answer, because his caller ID tells him it's me, and he doesn't answer. Some nights, depending on how much I've had to drink, I don't know which scenario I want. Some nights I want him to be safe, but then that would mean he's just avoiding talking to me. Other nights I want him to be in danger, because that would mean he's not trying to avoid me. Drunken logic makes sense... when I'm drunk.

I feel lost, confused... hopelessly without answers... and I'm in Paris.

Friday, August 27, 2004

I hate my life

It has been one week since Dawn's phone call. I have yet to find her.

It is eerie to see her face in the sword, among so many other countless vampires. It is my belief that Dawn's soul is somehow trapped inside the sword. But I do not understand the sword.

"Maybe Dawn has a cell phone with her inside the sword," Kristin said.

I did not laugh. I wish Kristin would take this crisis more seriously. Tonight, Friday night... I will once again go feed, hunting for John Maguire's secret lair... hunting for my friend Dawn... hunting for answers to free her spirit from the sword. No one has heard from Michael yet. It has been one week, and things have changed very little in my life... or not at all. Despite all my hard work, things do not change.

My life is a joke. I have incredible strength and speed, but no matter how hard I try... I still fail, still remain trapped in this mockery of life. I hate my life.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Dawn called

Dawn left a voice message on my cell phone. I was asleep when she called.

"Casey! Casey where are you!? I'm in a factory... or a warehouse. I don't know. It's dark, and they have me underground. Casey please! Where are you!? CASEY--"

Monday, August 16, 2004

I can't sleep

I've had trouble sleeping this weekend. I can hear Dawn calling to me from the sword. I keep the sword with me wherever I go, and I sleep with it by my bed. I have friends in New York. They will be here in another day or two, and hopefully they will be able to figure out how to get Dawn out of the sword.

But there is a problem. John Maguire, whatever he is, has captured several vampires inside this sword. Getting Dawn out without setting the other vampires free will be a monumental task. Just getting Dawn out might be impossible. But the catch is, if something goes wrong, and all the vampires are set free... there will be an instant food supply problem for vampires. Thousands of vampires will be instantly reintroduced into the world.

How are they still alive? What has been feeding them inside the sword? Are there other John Maguires? These questions make my brain hurt.

Michael is still missing. I want to drive to Indianapolis and look for him, but I can't. I have the John Maguire problem keeping me in Chicago, and my friends from New York are meeting me in Chicago to help Dawn.

I hate my life. Why is nothing ever easy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Why do I bother getting out of bed?

I waited outside the Taco Bell for the man to come out. I was hungry, and I needed something to get me through the night. He looked like a construction worker. It would be more of a fight than I prefer, but at least he wouldn’t die when I drank his blood. His arms were thick like he swung a sledge hammer all day, and his chest was thick. When he walked out to his Toyota Tundra truck, I jumped from behind a bush, landed on his back. He shrugged me off with one arm.

That’s impressive for a human, even if he is built like a body builder, because I have the strength of a vampire. I sprang to my feet, smashed my fist into his jaw. He wasn’t expecting the power behind my punch. His head lulled back, he leaned against the truck, and slumped to the ground unconscious. I rubbed my hand, looked around to make sure no one was watching. I felt safe, so I opened my mouth, my fangs extended, and I big into his thick neck.

As I drank, I wondered about Dawn, and Michael, and John Maguire. At least I knew Kristin was going to be okay. After a few days of rest, she was much stronger. But John Maguire was still a mystery to me, and Dawn hadn’t contacted me yet. I was beginning to wonder if John Maguire had killed her.

While drinking the blood of the construction worker, I picked his pocket. His wallet had over one hundred dollars in it. Not bad. My cell phone rang.

With blood dripping from my mouth, I answered the call.

“Hello?” I said.

“Casey Coleman,” said a man’s voice.

“John Maguire…”

“You were a naughty girl the other day to touch my sword. We need to finish this.”

“Just name a time and place so I can kill you John Maguire.”

He laughed and said, “How about… Taco Bell.” I blinked, stood up, turned. John Maguire swung his sword.


I ducked and rolled, the blade trimmed hairs off my head. I kicked him in the stomach, punched his jaw, kneed him in the stomach. I reached for the sword, tried to rip it from his hands. I stomped on his right foot. John howled, then let go of the sword.


“She’s inside the sword, just like every other vampire I’ve hunted… just like you will be soon enough!”

I looked at the blade, never having inspected it before. The faces of thousands of vampires flashed through the blade…and I saw Dawn’s face, for an instant.

I screamed, “DAWN!” And then I looked at John Maguire. “Set her free you son of a bitch!”

“I propose a trade,” John said. “You give me Kristin… and I will give you Dawn.”

I cocked my head curiously. He fought Kristin and I outside her apartment. He even hunted us down one other time. How could he not know where Kristin was?

“This is the same sword that John Maguire fought me with the other night… but you, are not the same John Maguire,” I said. “Who are you?” He grinned, threw himself at me. With one swing of the sword, I took off his head. John Maguire’s head rolled across the parking lot, stopping against the rear tire of a Plymouth Prowler.

I held the sword high, and wondered how I was supposed to set Dawn free from the sword… and I wondered how many more John Maguires would be coming after me to get the sword back. Where is Michael? Why hasn't he been home to answer my calls? Why do I even bother getting out of bed?

Friday, August 06, 2004

He won't answer my phone calls

Last night I picked up a young man at a bar, led him back to Kristin's Chicago apartment. Men are so stupid. I told him we were going to have a three way, and he believed me. The sad part is that he was still sober. He was attractive enough, but for him to be sober and seriously believe two women as attractive as Kristin and I wanted to have sex with him is just ridiculous. When we bit into his neck and shoulder, he screamed momentarily. And then I shoved a towel in his mouth until he lost consciousness.

After feeding, I dumped the body down a manhole four blocks away. Walking back from disposing of the body, I tried to call Michael. But he didn't answer. I have been trying to call him for several hours, but I get no answer. His voice mail doesn't even pick up. I am starting to get worried. I know he was sick. Maybe he found a donor on his own and rushed to the hospital. I don't know. I just miss hearing his voice.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

At least the Cubs are winning

I went searching for John Maguire Tuesday night, late into wednesday morning. I searched hotels, called in favors from friends in the police department... and I couldn't find him. My thinking is that he's not in a hotel. He could be in a warehouse, or maybe he's found an abandoned home to live in. The most puzzling part is I don't understand why he's still hiding. He knows where Kristin and I are... why doesn't he just come get us? I am also concerned about Dawn's safety.

Kristin was able to walk this morning, but the journey was short... only from the bedroom to the living room couch. She watched a little television, watched the Cubs win again, and then returned to the bedroom. She needs to feed, but she is too weak to go out hunting with me. I'll need to bring someone home for her to drink from tonight.

Where is John Maguire? At least the Cubs are winning. How messed up is my life when my life sucks, but the Cubs are winning?

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